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Polyethylene Tarps

Polyethylene Tarp provider Shipmaster is the leader in polyethylene tarp products. We offer the most advanced polyethylene tarps and other packaging products to our customers. Call to order your polyethylene tarps now: 800-342-5113. Or request a polyethylene tarp brochure. A polyethylene tarp is an option that may be the perfect solution for you or someone you know.

Polyethylene tarps or tarpaulins are an excellent choice for many uses over traditional canvas tarps. Shipmaster offers rip-resistant, lightweight plastic tarps with terrific wear, low-moisture and stain-resistant properties. Click to order polyethylene tarps now!

polyethylene tarps

You may be acquainted with the bright blue polyethylene tarp with aluminum grommets at each corner. Grommets can also be found at intervals along the edge to allow the tarps to be tied down with rope or secured with cords. Blue is the most common color, polyethylene tarps may also come in other colors including silver or gray, white, green, clear and black. Size, thickness and density will vary. Polyethylene tarps may also be UV-treated to allow for a longer life while being exposed to prolonged sunlight. Silver tarps deflect heat.

Polyethylene tarps can be used for many applications. Some examples of homeowner uses range from concealing woodpiles (strong poly tarps are great for protecting from the elements and are durable enough to enclose the wood for transportation), polyethylene tarps are also great for sheltering barbecues, lawn equipment and boats. Polyethylene tarps are also useful in camping to provide clean ground cover, a shade awning, or tent shelter. Another common use is swimming pool covers, polyethylene tarps have the ability to float, keep rain, twigs, leaves, and other rubbish out of the pool. Click to order polyethylene tarps now!

Commercially uses include; covering tennis courts and baseball diamonds in the rain to prevent the ground from becoming too saturated with water. Polyethylene tarps can be use to protect gymnasium floors and basketball courts. Polyethylene tarps may be used in transportation for covering trailers, pallets, agricultural products and other materials. Polyethylene tarps may be offered with a heavy-duty insulation for protecting materials against heat and cold.

Polyethylene is one of the most preferred and adaptable plastics found. It is mildew and decay resistant, strong and durable. It is used to resist moisture and shield materials from the elements. It is also great for protecting, and shading from sunlight. It is lightweight in comparison to canvas, and is useful in landscaping for protecting grass and plants without crushing. Click to order polyethylene tarps now!


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