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Discount Plastic Tubing

discount plastic tubing

Discount Plastic Tubing provider Shipmaster is the leader in discount plastic tubing products. We offer the most advanced discount plastic tubing and other packaging products to our customers. Call to order or receive a quote on your discount plastic tubing now: 800.342.5113. Or request a discount plastic tubing brochure. Discount plastic tubing may be the perfect solution for you or someone you know.

Shipmaster is a leader in providing a variety of discounted continuous and sealed at one end poly-ethylene plastic tubing. In addition to great prices and service, our plastic tubing not only comes in standard sizes but can be customized to fit your companies product and personality.

Shipmaster Discount Plastic Tubing and Shipping Bags

Shipmaster bags are made of a proprietary high strength polymer constructed to provide protection from weather, scuffing, unsympathetic handling and pilferage. Shipmaster bags are waterproof, rust proof and resistant to many chemicals. Fastened with either plastic or wire ties, when your company sends out a shipmaster you know your product will show up in nothing less than perfect condition.

Our discount plastic tubing comes in roll form requiring little storage space and they open easily. Shipmaster bags are available from stock in standard sizes to accommodate rolls up to 58 wide as well as continuous sleeves, which can be cut to any size you require. We also offer custom sizes and colors, which can be tailored specifically to your needs.


In today's world there are so many options and no time. Customizing your plastic tubing or shipping bag gives your company an affordable and efficient way of advertising to the general public while reinforcing to your customer where their product comes from. All our plastic tubing can be ordered in almost any length, width and color; sealed at one end or continuous. In addition, a customized shipping bag will reinforce your company's name/logo and add personality that will separate you from your competitors. The process is simple, either send us your artwork or we can have our graphics department create something for you. Call us now at 800.342.5113 or click here for a custom order!


Continuous tubing comes in both stock and customized sizes and colors. This type of tubing has no seals at either end, allowing you to make the bags fit your desired size.

This type of tubing will be helpful if you have bolts of carpet varying in length. Other uses for continuous tubing are posters, light tubes and plants. Click here to order your continuous tubing!


Tubing that is already sealed at one end saves you the time and materials to make sure your products will be held safely inside our bags. These bags also come in customized sizes and colors. Click here to order your sealed at one end tubing!


Shipmaster standard sizes are stocked and custom orders are handled promptly. Airfreight, common carriers and UPS accept shipmaster, with no additional fee.

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  30 to 49 Cases: Freight prepaid in Continental USA  
50 Cases & Over: Less 5% + Freight prepaid in Continental USA

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Terms: 1% 10 Days, Net 30 Days, FOB Flushing
For Orders Under $300.00 USD, Credit Card or CIA Only, Unless Otherwise Approved.

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